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Growing and maintaining a beard the right way

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Les Barbiers – Montreal – Barbershop

Wearing a beard, whether it is 3 days, 10 days, or very substantial, has in recent years been completely back in the tradition (including in the professional environment). We can even say that it has become a trendy element allowing man to assert himself and give himself the appearance that resembles him.

Passionate about their profession, Les Barbiers gave this barber shop on rue Mont-Royal (in Montreal) its letters of nobility. The atmosphere is warm, but also hardworking. Indeed, the team always takes infinite care to grant the wishes of the men, women and children who walk through the door of the barber shop. At Les Barbiers, beard trimming always begins with a phase of in-depth diagnosis during which we listen to your wishes and determine your needs according to the morphology of your face. Then comes the time to structure the beard using a trimmer, scissors, or a cabbage cutter. Finally, we apply a serum to your beard that will nourish it and give it a silky effect. The barbers are also there to advise you on the maintenance of your beard between two appointments and on the choice of the best equipment to acquire.

Whether you are growing your beard for the first time or are a veteran of the look for 20 years, you can optimize the look.

Make an appointment with our expert beard barbers. It is possible to make an appointment directly on our site. It is also possible to come without an appointment. To avoid waiting, we recommend making an appointment. Opting for a beard is more than deciding not to shave. Keep it neat with our beard care tips.

Start growing a beard

Short or long beard, know that the rules are the same. There is no right or wrong way to grow a beard. So, the process shouldn’t intimidate you. However, whether you are on your first beard or not, be aware that the bearded look does require maintenance. If you want to wear a great beard and not let the itchiness take your mind off your head, you should use an active approach.

Face shape and beard styles

Before you grow a beard, even if you plan on keeping it short, it’s important to understand what styles will suit your face shape and have a plan for growing it. The shape of the face dictates how to trim a beard.

Homme avec Barbe
Beard, photo by Pexels

Shave everything before you start

It is important to shave everything and start with an even surface. In addition to creating the base for your future beard, a close shave allows the hairs to grow evenly and in health. The care needed at this stage is mainly hydration. You need to make sure your skin is in good condition before covering it with hair. A great shaving cream is essential, as it will help reduce irritation from the razor.

How to grow a beard?

Keep in mind that time is the main obstacle between you and a beautiful beard. It takes time to grow a beautiful beard and there are no shortcuts. Beard hair is thick and usually grows disheveled and unevenly. So, at first, your beard will be thicker in some places. And you’ll probably want to scrape, scrub, and even shave all those unruly hairs. Patience is the key! Typically, it takes around four to six weeks for a full beard to appear, so resist the temptation to take out the beard trimmer and give your hairs a chance to fully show. After about 4 weeks, it is recommended to go to a professional barber to shape the new beard. It means trimming and shaping your beard, consider the beard style you want and how it fits your face. The possibilities are endless, but you want to make sure that you go for something that is flattering and strong.

That’s when we start to see the results. Les Barbers have been bearding experts since 1987. Still in Montreal on Mont-Royal Avenue, you are dealing with enthusiasts whose sole objective is to make you look beautiful!

Maintains a good beard

Poor maintenance of your beard can lead to dry, itchy skin, dandruff, and split ends. Yes, just like your scalp, the skin under your beard can be a victim of these unwanted little dander. Therefore, moisturizing and treating your beard is essential for a groomed appearance. Bonus: quality oils will add luster to your hairs and envelop them in a pleasant scent.

Go for oils and creams designed for beard care and use a beard brush to help exfoliate the skin under your beard, which is important if you want to keep your skin healthy too. If you want to live a unique experience as a barber, we are Les Barbiers from Montreal.