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About us

Les Barbiers is a barbershop in Montreal located on Mont Royal street in the Plateau. The barbershop was first established in 1987, long before the neighborhood’s fame reached international borders. We should not forget that our barbershop continues a tradition that began in the 1950s at the same place.

Made up of a team of barbers with many years of experience, our barbershop will always meet your expectations.

Located at 2292 Avenue du Mont-Royal East, it is easily accessible by major highways and public transportation, near the streets of Iberville and Frontenac.

Monday: 9AM to 6PM ** NEW **
Tuesday: 9AM to 6PM
Wednesday: 9AM to 6PM
Thursday: 9AM to 7PM
Friday: 9AM to 7PM
Saturday: 9AM to 4PM
Sunday: 9AM to 4PM ** NEW **

Montréal​ Barbershop

When you feel like updating your look, let our barbers take care of it. No more worries for your relooking, in the hands of our professionals, the art of styling takes on a whole new meaning. Our barbers, Les Barbers, will offer you an unparalleled service whether it is for your haircut or for trimming your beard.

To meet the needs of its customers, our barbers are constantly updating to master the latest fashionable techniques.

You will find a multitude of possible services inside our premises whether it is old or contemporary techniques. Just ask our barbers to make it happen.

At Les Barbiers, it is more than a scissors stroke, it is a passion that has been going on for more 30 years.